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#SONA2018: Our State of the Nation Response

Joe-Anna Marie Abelinde

Reaction to Digong's 2018 SONA

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My name is Edna Aguilar. I am a woman farmer.

Leigh de Guzman.

We feature the life and struggles of a woman farmer-paralegal, and what its like to be a voice of the community.

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Sugarcane vinegar production helps Batangas families cope with disasters

Luis de la Rosa

The United Nations Democracy Fund helps women in disaster-prone areas find alternative livelihood sources to ensure their households' needs are met

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A farmer's life, a legacy

Leigh de Guzman

This is the life and work of one of our pioneering farmer-paralegals in Batangas. Paralegals are farmers, who by their training in agrarian reform laws, assist their fellow farmers in improving their land tenure conditions.

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[OPINION] Is agrarian reform a dying issue?

Joe-Anna Marie Abelinde, Luis de la Rosa

As of June 2016, almost 600,000 hectares of agricultural land remain undistributed. Landowners stall the land acquisition and distribution process through various methods.

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Why do farmers need individual titles?

Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development - Pilipinas

A case for subdividing collective titles under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

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