Land is the main driver of economic development in the rural areas. As an economic resource – access, ownership and control over land is a fundamental right of all men and women. With proper State interventions to secure property rights, smallholder farmers – including women, indigenous peoples and children-headed households, will have the opportunity to achieve food security and overcome poverty.

We believe that land access is the entry point of rural households to their socio-economic empowerment. We work with key government and non-government organizations from the national to the grassroots level to facilitate land access to our partner-communities. We organize communities and build their capacities so that they can become advocates of their own empowerment.

How we help make change?

We train and mobilize farmer-paralegals to provide organizing and technical support to farmers and farm workers in addressing land ownership issues in their respective localities. They are equipped with skills and knowledge that they use in strategic negotiations and conflict management

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Studies and publications

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Agrarian reform and rural development in a post- CARPER scenario: From the perspective of civil society

This position paper was developed under the National Engagement Strategy (NES) of the International Land Coalition (ILC) in the Philippines.

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Collective CLOA and second generation issues

A preliminary brief

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Improving quality of life and work through sustainable agriculture

A program brief

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